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Assets & Offices

Asset Protection & Secure Offices

At SVD, we offer a wide range of asset protection options for your belongings. We provide secure offices, as well as off-site storage for customers from all over the world.

Asset Protection

Clients across the country and nationwide turn to SVD for our asset protection solutions. We have safe deposit boxes and full-size vaults available to meet any security needs. We provide safekeeping receipts and monitor and control all access with on-site guards and security codes.

Private & Secure Offices for Rent

Our office spaces are private and fully secured. This is necessary when someone would like to conduct secured business meetings. Clients in our secure offices will be behind a locked vault, so no one can get in unless the staff lets them in. These clients are usually jewelers, appraisers, and clients who sell high-end products.

Safekeeping Receipts

A Safekeeping Receipt is a bank instrument that is on the rise as collateral for alternative financing. These are issued by safekeeping facilities, banks, or storage houses. While in storage, all of your assets or other valuables are in a safe, secured, and protected area. The issuer of a safekeeping receipt takes the responsibility of being the legally responsible custodian for the goods.